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Beauty Salons

This client came to Reveal Digital hoping that we’d be able to turn their paid search strategy into something profitable while still maintaining efficiency. They wanted Reveal Digital to manage their Google Ads and maintain a cost per acquisition (CPA) within their targeted budget.

Not only did the cost per acquisition stay under , it dropped to $37 on the average!

Creating and segmenting an effective Google ads campaign has made all the difference for our client. Since working with (RDL), year over year site wide revenue grew 201%, with total transactions on the website jumping 228% higher!

Fitness & Education

Our client was managing their paid search efforts internally, but knew they were wasting time and money. When Reveal Digital Marketing reached out to them, they knew it was time to make some changes and begin a trust worthy partnership. Our client had three Google Ads accounts before working with us, we consolidated these into one so that we could track every single ad dollar and optimize more efficiently. Our client also had no Microsoft advertisements running that we optimized.

86% increase in website visits.
35% increase in gym memberships.
31% increase in call volume.

Products & Retail

We used a multi-focused strategy to increase this furniture online dominance. We designed location targeting with a hyper-local focus by aggressively bidding on paid search ads that show within an 10 mile radius around the store. This has allowed us to capitalize on local traffic and only spend advertising dollars on the most qualified consumers.

33% increase in website visits.
25% increase in sales.
41% increase in call volume.

Videography & Photography

With such a large site in our clients goal, it was important to strategically choose the most optimal URLs for SEO strategy from the beginning to ensure successful results. To meet there goals, we started by optimizing the top 30 existing category page URLs with keyword focused metadata and content. Over the length of the campaign, the agency fixed technical issues that have been harming the site from ranking, created onsite blog content, offsite articles and featured news videos to further build the site’s organic presence and domain authority. We posted regularly on Youtube for organic ranking as well with specific key words that target customer intent.

One month prior to starting with RDL, our client was ranking for a total of 1,330 keywords. As of November 2019, just 9 months into our collaboration, their goals and increased their keyword rankings by 94% overall, with a total of 6,274 keywords.

Niche Services

With a service as niche as microblading, we had to educate the consumer about eyebrow tattooing, while demonstrating the safety measures our client takes to ensure they get the perfect eyebrows they desire. What we did was create very informative, and comforting youtube videos right in the way of users ready to buy. We also targeted users that showed interest before, and set up a highly effective PPC campaign.

Within the first month of running paid ads our client saw a total growth of 260% and by the eighth month a second location was needed and acquired! Our client is now not the only one performing these stunning services, she has hired two more microblading artists and is looking for a third!

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