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Enticing Video Ads
Designed with Experience

Set your brand apart with one of the biggest search engines for advertisers. Youtube will improve your community and heighten your brand awareness. Reveal Digital’s team will formulate custom Youtube Ads, allowing customers to indulge into your business.

Bumper Video Ads - Youtube’s bumper video ads are non-skippable advertisements, that play before a Youtube video. These six second ads are best at building brand awareness and creating engagement. While these ads are detached from any other campaign, integrating them with TrueView Ads will expand effectiveness and frequency.

Trueview Video Ads - Trueview Video Ads are played for a minimum of 30 seconds before Youtube videos. They’re a skippable, cost-effective way to reach the most relevant of your audience, quickly. Let our team at Reveal help you decide between In-Stream Ads or Discovery ads; both are low risk but your brand will reap benefits.

Advantages of Customizable Youtube Ads

Attract A New Community

Multiply your following with enticing video advertisements on Youtube, Apps, and Websites that are closely relevant to the industry in which you are in.

Expand Your Budget

Never pay for skipped views, Youtube’s pricing module will allow you to budget your campaign moderately and save you money.

Empower Your Brand

Power your brand through multiple forms of advertising. Using visuals such as photos and videos to express your company’s core values with engaging and relatable content.

Redirect Audience

We’ll continue to advertise to revisiting viewers who’ve expressed interest in your advertisements. They’ll be driven right to your website and reminded of the importance of your business.

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